Free Stuff, Samples, Coupons, and Sweepstakes | Woman Freebies

Free Stuff, Samples, Coupons, and Sweepstakes | Woman Freebies

Rewards & Loyalty Programs

Joining loyalty programs allows us to earn rewards as customers for the brands or stores we love the most. We can join their programs to collect points which allows us to redeem those points for mechandise, gifts, travel, savings and so much more. They also allow us to be in the know about the latest news, sweepstakes, exclusive offers and more with the companies we love.
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Join P&G Everyday For Savings & Samples

Join P&G Everyday for daily inspiration on how to deal with a busy life. Do it now to receive a free 30-Day Organizing Checklist, you’ll also be able to receive special offers and samples from some of P&G’s biggest brands!

Trade What You Don’t Want For Stuff You Do Want

Listia has a way where you can get what you want, without paying. Trade in the stuff you don’t want and you’ll get what you do want! Check it out!

Join Folgers Wakin’ Up Club

Do youcoffee? If so, you need to join the Folgers Wakin’ Up Club for special promotions and coupons!