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Free Health Samples & Products

Whether you live the healthy lifestyle now or are thinking about starting a healthy lifestyle, check out these health samples and products. You will find information on the latest fitness tips, exercises, and more. Plus health samples such as vitamins, and supplements. If you're a health expert or beginner you will find something worth checking out on WomanFreebies.
Free Extend Gluten-Free Nutrition Bar

Looking for a snack that will give you energy, control cravings and help aid in your weight loss goals? Look no further! Request a free Extend Gluten-Free Nutrition Bar.

Free Single Use Earplugs

For a limited time we can request a free FirmFit Ear-To-Ear Challenge Kit with 5 pairs of single-use earplugs.

Free Clean Whey Power Bar

Power Bar is giving away free Clean Whey bars. All you have to do is pledge to do better this year.

Free Sample of Catalyst

For a limited time we can request a free sample of Strawberry-Pineapple Catalyst. It’s the perfect pre-workout.

Free Sample of Scivation XTend Go

XTend Go is the perfect supplement to promote focus and energy. It also promotes muscle growth, support and recovery. Hurry and request a sample!