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Bill Nye is Back to Save the World!

Bill Nye is back! Netflix released the trailer for their new show staring our favorite science guy, Bill Nye Saves the World, set to premier April 21st.

Airport Adorably Tries to Reunite Lost Teddy & Owner

An Irish airport has been going to desperate and adorable lengths to reunite a lost pink teddy bear with his family via Facebook. Find out how.

The Latest Feline Fashion Trend In Japan: Cat Scarves!

The Japanese take their pet adoration to the next level. Find out about the latest feline fashion trend in Japan: kitty scarves!

This Selfless Group Selfie Will Warm Your Heart

A group of teens invited an older woman to join their “squad”, check out their cute selfies!

Could This Bag of Chips Keep You Out of Jail?

Feeling a little tipsy this Super Bowl weekend? This bag of Tostitos will tell you whether it’s safe to drive. What in the world?