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Little Known Facts: The Secret Meanings of Flowers

Did you know certain types of flowers and different shades have messages and meanings behind them? The next time you buy flowers, follow this handy guide!

Airport Adorably Tries to Reunite Lost Teddy & Owner

An Irish airport has been going to desperate and adorable lengths to reunite a lost pink teddy bear with his family via Facebook. Find out how.

Memorial Day – Why We Honor Those Who Made The Ultimate Sacrifice

Memorial Day is America’s most solemn holiday. It is the day we remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice while defending our nation.

OPEN YOUR EYES: A Distracted Driving PSA

With today’s technology, we can quickly forget that we don’t need to know everything the moment it happens. This PSA will show why you should never pick your phone up while you’re driving. IT CAN WAIT.

Life Advice From 25 Of The World’s Most Influential People

Sometimes we can all use a little inspiration. Here are some gems of life advice for you to consider from 25 of the world’s most influential people.