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Pop Culture

McDonald’s New Shamrock Shake Straw Is Sipper-Duper

This year, McDonald’s is bringing out a new Chocolate Shamrock Shake with a very sipecial straw.

Love Actually Cast to Reunite For Short Sequel

It’s official, Love Actually is getting a sequel… sort of! Some of the cast has signed on for a 10 minute “Where Are They Now” type project.

You’ll Never Guess Where a Smuggler Hid His Gold

If you wanted to smuggle 12 gold bars across a border, where would you hide it? Find out the unbelievable place!

Chinese New Year Is Coming Up! Do You Know Your Animal?

CHINESE New Year will be celebrated all over the world this weekend, which animal will take over from the Year of the Monkey in the Chinese zodiac?

The 2017 Oscar Nominations Are Here!

The 89th Academy Awards are happening on February 26th and here are the nominees! How many of these films have you seen this year?