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WOW! This Girl Has Moves That Blew Me Away

Did I mention she’s only eight years old?

Bathing Baby Is Surprised Every Time

While most babies will quickly learn to love bath time, this little one is surprised. Every. Single. Time.

Tasty Marshmallow Shot Glasses

Edible shot glasses, what could be better? Find out how you can use a marshmallow to create a sticky, sweet, toasty shot glass to enjoy with your favorite liqueur.

The Funniest Lines From I Love Lucy’s First Season

I Love Lucy is an iconic show. I love this video that was posted on YouTube! It shares some of the funniest lines from I Love Lucy’s first season.

Toddler and Gorilla Play Peek-A-Boo

What’s more fun for a kid than going to the zoo to watch the animals play? Going to the zoo and playing with the animals!