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The 2014 Easter Egg Hunt FAQ's

✶ What’s an Egg? Where do I find an Egg? What do I do when I find an Egg? ✶

An Egg is an image that will appear on your screen. They are being hidden on every page on our site. Start here to get to the next possible Egg. When you see one (they are on EVERY page so you will see them), click on it and it will let you know if you have a winner (there will be a BUNNY) or if you need to keep looking. Winning Eggs will bring you to a form (with a BUNNY) where you can enter your contact information. DO NOT fill out your form more than once. Duplicate entries will be void. Your prize will be mailed out within 15 business days to the address you provide. Share the news that you won a prize during our Egg Hunt with your friends and followers using the social buttons!

✶ I can’t see any Eggs? ✶

Try closing some of your windows, most likely you have too many open! Some pop-up blockers have been known to prevent eggs from appearing too.

✶ How do I keep missing the Bunny? I click on the egg right away? ✶

When you find a winning egg it will display the bunny and a form to fill out, otherwise you will get the “you missed him” message.

✶ Why is it no longer opening in a new tab when I click on an egg? ✶

We had to change that because too many people were opening too many tabs and it was causing the eggs to load really slowly. If you click on the “hop over to a new blog” you will go back to where you were, then hit new post or swipe left or right on mobile. Don’t stay on the same page and click the same egg.You can stay on a page and refresh, but I wouldn’t recommend doing this because every post has different odds. This means if you’re on a post that’s less likely to have a winning Egg, you are actually hurting your chances of finding a prize.

✶ I get caught in a loop and can’t get off the same page? ✶

Don’t open the egg in a new window, simply click the egg. This will take you to page that will either say sorry you missed him or it will have a bunny (yay – you won!) If there’s no bunny and you are not interested in the other offers, click & hop over to the next post. This takes you back to where you were when you clicked the egg. Resist the urge to click the same egg again. Instead click next post or swipe to the left or right if you are on mobile. Don’t stay on that post. There is an egg on every page, staying on the same page hurts your chances of finding an egg.

✶ How many Eggs are you hiding? How many Eggs are left today? When will you be adding more Eggs to the site? ✶

We hide thousands of Eggs every single day. They are hidden on EVERY page. You saw the list of prizes that we have for you – any of them could be hidden at any time. We add new Eggs throughout the day! Just because you don’t find a winning Egg in the morning, doesn’t mean you won’t find one later on that same day. The name of the game is patience. The best place to keep track of what we are giving away and when is on our Facebook page. We like to give our fans the chance to convince us that you want more Eggs, so be sure to LIKE our posts on Facebook if you want more prizes to be hidden. The number of Eggs varies, but there are lots to go around. There are always Eggs hidden. We have the site fully stocked.

✶ Do the Eggs load instantly? Can I stay on one post and just refresh? ✶
The Eggs load almost instantly, you simply need to look around for them. Looking around the page will give you time to read each post before clicking the Egg. You can stay on a page and refresh, but I wouldn’t recommend doing this because every post has different odds. This means if you’re on a post that’s less likely to have a winning Egg, you are actually hurting your chances of finding a prize.

✶ What if I click on a Egg and the form doesn’t load? What if I want another prize? ✶

If you believe you have encountered a technical error, please take a screenshot or a photo of your screen and send it to Each winning Egg is linked to one gift card only and has no redeemable cash value. Since we will be giving away thousands of prizes, we cannot accommodate requests to change prizes.

✶ How many times can I win? Who’s eligible to enter? ✶

There is a maximum of one win per household per day. Any US, UK or Canadian resident 16 or older is eligible for this contest. We reserve the right to block any users who use bugs, bots, viruses or any other unauthorized intervention to undermine the fairness of the promotion.

✶ Should I use a certain browser? Is this contest available on your mobile site? ✶

Any browser will work just fine – Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Explorer, etc. Our contest is mobile friendly.

✶ Do the Eggs “move”? ✶ 

The Eggs can be anywhere on our site. They will be in different spots on different pages. Once you have opened a page it won’t move until you click it! After 10 minutes the egg will time out and go back into the pot.

✶ What is Twitter and how do I Retweet a post? ✶ 

From time to time, we’ll be sharing news about our Easter Egg Hunt on Twitter. Twitter is a social networking site where you can follow your favourite brands like us, @WomanFreebiesUS. If you don’t have an account yet, head over to Twitter to create one, and follow us there. It’s recommended that you fill out your profile and make it a legitimate account for yourself. Retweeting means re-sharing something that WomanFreebies just shared. Follow Twitter’s official Retweeting instructions on how to do so.

✶ What is a hashtag and which one do I follow? ✶

Hashtags are used on social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Instagram to group messages together. During the Easter Egg Hunt, we’re going to be using #EggHunting for all of our Tweets. Be sure to append #EggHunting to your Tweet if you found a prize or have questions about our Egg Hunt. We will also be rewarding fans that use this hashtag throughout the Egg Hunt, so be sure you’re using it!

✶ The “Egg Hunt” ends on April 20, 2014 at 11:59 pm GMT. ✶

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