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When I was a child, I could not wait for story-time when my mom would tuck me in. It was wonderful to follow along as she turned the pages. I loved becoming immersed in the world of Christopher Robbins and Winnie the Pooh, Aesop’s Fables, Peter Rabbit and The Berenstein Bears. Reading together was a nightly ritual that began when I was just an infant.  My mum was a grade school teacher. So, she understood how important it was to establish a life-long love of reading in her child. She was aware of the specific advantages of reading to a toddler and pre-school aged child in securing a higher aptitude for learning in general. To this day, I am an avid reader.

 Here are some great reasons to read to your child.

  1. Reading aloud to your child creates a time for you to bond. After a busy day of running around and playing, your child will find snuggling up with a book comforting and nurturing.
  2. It improves your child’s language skills. Toddlerhood to pre-school age (2-5 years old) is the stage when your child is securing the basics of language. Reading with her will help with proper enunciation, teach phrasing and increase her vocabulary. From following along while you read aloud, she will pick up the essentials of reading from left to right and that words are separate from images.
  3. As your child’s reading comprehension develops so will her imagination, ability to concentrate and to think in abstract terms. She will better equipped to play and to create.
  4. Reading to your child will create a love of reading. Choose books that capture her attention and excite her. She will want to know how the story ends. Stop at a cliff-hanger moment and she might pick up the book to finish it herself.
  5. By reading to your child, even 15 minutes a day, she will develop the vocabulary, attention span and love of reading that will help her to excel at school. Academic excellence will open more career opportunities to her and ensure that she is able to pursue the life she wants.

Image courtesy of: Mamiverse