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The name Dr. Seuss is well know. He was a wonderful author with so much creativity! While doing a little research I stumbled upon some interesting facts. Read on and learn a little about this wonderful man!

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1. This is one bit of trivia you may already know, but Seuss was not a doctor of anything and in fact did not have a doctorate until an honorary one was granted to him by his alma mater, Dartmouth, in 1956. He added the “Dr.” to his pen name because his father had always wanted him to practice medicine.

2. His Books Were Not Initially a Success. Seuss’ first book ‘And to Think I Saw It on Mulberry Street,’ which was inspired by the rhythm of the ship’s engines on a return trip from Europe, was rejected by 27 publishers. He almost burned it, but finally found a publisher for it in 1937. The title comes from the name of the street on which his grandmother lived.

3. To support himself and his wife during the Great Depression, Seuss made money drawing cartoons for advertisements. He became a household name for his cartoons for an insecticide called Flit by coining the catchphrase “Quick, Henry, the Flit!” During his advertising career, Seuss drew cartoons for General Electric, NBC, Standard Oil, Narragansett Brewing Company and more. He also drew a short-lived Sunday comic strip called ‘Hejji.’


4. He is said to have coined the word “nerd.” According to The FW, the first recorded instance of the word “nerd” is in Seuss’ 1950 book, If I Ran the Zoo.


5. One of his most popular books, Green Eggs and Ham, was the result of a bet that he could not write a book using only 50 words.

These are, in order of appearance: I am Sam; that; do not like; you green eggs and ham; them; would here or there; anywhere; in a house with mouse; eat box fox; car they; could; may will see tree; let me be; train on; say the dark; rain; goat; boat; so try may; if; good; thank.