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Domino’s will be giving out 27,000 free medium 2 topping pizza on 10/12 to celebrate all of the 7 no hitters this year!

This is the website you want to go to MONDAY. You want to be there at exactly 2 PM Central/ 3 PM Eastern.

or ►►

This is arguably the most popular giveaway in the year. I participated in 3 giveaways last year so I want to give you guys tips on making sure you get your pizza, because they go FAST! These tips are based on the user experience in the past, not mine personally.

• Make your account before the promotion starts MONDAY.
Click Here To Make An Account If You Need One
• Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers seemed to load the quickest.
• Yahoo mail users experienced a really long wait time before their codes arrived.
• G-mail is the best option, the code will show up in your promotions folder.
• Just because you have an account before the promotion doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed one. Do not wait until after work, as soon as the promotion starts, start refreshing your page. At that point all you have to do is sign in with your username and password for the MLB website, and sometimes they have a quick one question survey such as what’s your favorite pizza topping?
• If you would like to give your code away, please visit random acts of pizza to give to the less fortunate if you do not need your pizza.

Credit: TheBlueAngel

To everyone who gets one – These codes expire really quickly (I think within a week of receiving the code), so don’t forget to use them!