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Michael Magee is a young man who has allegedly been followed by ghosts and encounters nightly paranormal activity.


His Tumblr account reads: “My name is Michael and I have been uploading Paranormal videos since 2010 when My brother released a video that showed our house being haunted. I have been recording it ever since.” For many years people have said that his house was haunted and he had always dismissed it. Until Robert Weaver uploaded a video that proved the contrary. This is the first video he published as part of an ongoing investigation to catch these Paranormal events on film.

The following video features a collection of the best paranormal activity he has caught on tape. 4 years of scary activity compiled into one terrifying video.

My husband always laughs but I’m not sure. Do you think Magee is faking it with these videos? It’s hard to say. In my experience with paranormal videos, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. I can’t help but wonder it it’s true though.