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I love my Keurig. I just pop in a pod, pull down the handle and boom, fresh, hot coffee! What I don’t love is that K-Cups are non-recyclable, and are filling up landfills everywhere. It’s being said that trash from the K-Cups sold last year alone would circle the Earth almost 11 times. That’s a lot of waste! I do my best to up-cycle my K-Cups any way I can, and you will too after seeing how easy it can be. Check out my favorites below!



K-Cups make the perfect craft organizers! You can sort beads, paper clips, buttons and more in these little vessels. I glued my Cups together to make a honeycomb of organization for my drawers.



Make perfectly sized bath bombs by using your used K-Cups as molds! This project uses sprinkles and dried flowers to make these bombs super special.



The K-Cups are the perfect size to make Christmas bell ornaments for your tree this year! Young kids can get creative with these and help paint and glue decorations on.



Your K-Cups make perfect little planters for succulents, small flowers and more! The hole that is punched on the bottom of each cup acts as drainage when you water it. This DIY is perfect, you can even hang the cups from your window so your plants get all the light they need!



Olaf can come to life with K-Cups! You need pipe cleaners, twigs, pom poms, googly eyes and glue to make this cute Frozen DIY Olaf.



Ever heard of K-Cupsicles? K-Cups make the perfect size for a coffee popsicle. Cold and caffeinated, just the way I like them!



These K-Cup Wind Chimes are a fun project to do with kids, and will look super great hanging from a door or an awning.



Jazz up your twinkle lights! These jack-o-lantern string lights are super cute for Halloween. You can also make them without jack-o-lantern faces for an ethereal fairy light effect.



Start your seeds with K-Cups! Put in soil, seeds and water, then when your plant starts to grow too big for the Cup, replant it. You can also re-use the coffee grounds from your morning cup, it makes great fertilizer.



Homemade advent calendars are all the rage right now. Make your own using K-Cups for ever day of the month, and hide treats or toys behind the seal.



Freeze garlic and herbs individually in their own K-Cup to make them last longer! They are perfect to toss into soups, sauces and more.



An empty K-Cup is the perfect circle stamp. The sky’s the limit with this upcycle!



Calling all sewers! A pincushion in a K-Cup is a great idea because it’s the perfect size.



These turkey crafts are perfect for Thanksgiving! Feathers, construction paper and glue create a fine-feathered friend that kids can make for Thanksgiving.



Confetti poppers are one of those things that you didn’t know you needed until now! These are perfect for parties and kids absolutely LOVE them. They are super easy to male, all you need is an exacto knife and a balloon.



Use K-Cups to sort your coins into different piles for easy counting!



Kids can use K-Cups to mold cloud dough or sand.



This sound memory sorting game is made from empty K-Cups and is perfect for preschoolers that are learning about sound!



This K-Cup wreath is simplistic and beautiful! I love the huge hanging ribbon, I am so excited to make this DIY this holiday season.



And of course, you can always re-use the K-Cup for more cups of coffee! You can get at least 7 cups of coffee from 1 single K-Cup when you use My-Kap Kaps and your own ground coffee.