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Who wouldn’t want to make their own cool looking pumpkins for Halloween? It’s pretty easy (since I’m willing to try it out) and I think it would be neat to have them every year – especially if the kids make them! The list below will show you everything you will need! Make sure you have some little hands to help you with all that creative fun!

What you’ll need:

• Masking tape
• Plastic shopping bag
• 2 or 3 newspapers
• Wire (optional for stem)
• Foam brush
• Medium grit sandpaper
• Gesso (optional)
• Acrylic paint

Paper Mache Paste
• 1 cup of water
• 1/4 cup of flour
• 1 teaspoon of salt

• 1 roll of toilet paper
• 3/4 cup of white glue (Elmer’s glue-All)
• 1 cup of joint compound
• 1/2 cup white flour
• 2 tablespoons linseed oil

Pumpkins are great to eat, but are also great to decorate with. But like everything edible, they only last so long. Below is a tutorial on how to make your own pumpkins that will last the entire season. Be sure to read the entire tutorial before starting; this is a multi-day project!

MIY Pumpkin