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It’s the question that comes every year, and it always hits me like a tonne of bricks. “Is there really a Santa Claus?” my kids will ask. “Of course there’s a Santa Claus, who do you think brings you all those presents?!” I say. But seeing is believing, and every year it gets harder and harder for me to convince my kids Santa is real. Here are some tips I’ve found to convince your kids and keep the magic alive!



Send a letter to Santa!
Keep some of the magic alive by getting your kids to write a real letter to Santa! Not only will they be completely thrilled with the idea of being able to mail their own package but they will also be assured that it gets to St. Nick.

Santa’s Address
Santa Claus
325 S. Santa Claus Lane
North Pole, Alaska 99705

Track Santa on Christmas Eve!
NORAD has an official website where you can track Santa’s progress on Christmas Eve. Watch your kids’ eyes light up when they see where he goes next! The countdown is on!

Capture The Magic!
capture puts Santa right in your living room! Well, a photo of your living room. In 3 simple steps you can make your kids’ Christmas magical by showing them a photo you snapped of Santa right in your own home.

Hide Santa’s wrapping paper!
Don’t use the same wrapping paper for gifts from Santa (it should stay at the North Pole, silly!) and gifts from Mom and Dad, or your kids will definitely know something is up! Use different paper and bows, and store them away from little eyes. Check out these free printable Santa gift tags you can add to gifts from the big guy.

Santa should leave evidence!
Whether it’s cookie crumbs from the treats your kids left out for him or creating foot prints out in the snow, he has to leave something behind! To add Santa’s magical touch, you can spray the your hand with cooking spray, hold the glass to make a hand print and sprinkle glitter on the handprint while it’s still wet.

Make some noise!
After your kids are in bed, throw stones up on the roof above their bedroom for that added magic! Make sure to tell kids they can’t jump out of bed to see Santa or else he won’t leave any presents. You can also jingle some bells outside, or if you’re really brave, hop up on the roof and take a walk. Just be careful.