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The great thing about these jack-o-lantern’s is that there is pretty much no waste! Unlike a pumpkin, where it’s soul purpose is to become your smiling jack-o-lantern, these veggies and fruits can be hollowed out to create a cute decoration and you can eat it too! Obviously most these jack-o-lanterns won’t last as long as a pumpkin would, but they’re purely for fun!

The method to make these jack-o-lanterns is pretty much universal: lob off the top (or bottom), hollow it out and cut out a face or image – the sky’s the limit!

I love this carved pineapple! It comes with it’s own luscious head of hair.

This avo is just the cutest. They won’t last long after you carve them though, so take a pic, show your friends and then make some awesome guacamole.

Orange jack-o-lanterns are a cute decoration as well as an air freshener! Did you know that oranges can also be made into candles? Click here for the tutorial.

Butternut Squash-o-lantern
Here’s one where you cut the bottom off instead of the top. These butternut squash ghosties would be a perfect addition to your front porch for Halloween!

I love when jack-o-lanterns have “hair”! Wear gloves when you make this one, beet juice stains EVERYTHING.

You can create these turnip jack-o-lanterns and tie a string around the top to hang them. Did you know that the Irish have used turnips to create jack-o-lanterns for over 700 years. According to Irish folklore, a man called Jack O’Lantern was sentenced to roam the earth for eternity. A ghostly figure of the night, O’Lantern walks with a burning coal inside of a carved-out turnip to light his way.

You could carve this bell pepper jack-o-lantern, then use it to make stuffed peppers! At least, that’s what I would do. 🙂

Make your healthy snack into a cute face! These carved apples will be such a hit with your kids, they’ll want them all year long.

Yup, these potat-o-lanterns are the actual cutest. Cut the bottom portion off so that the potato won’t roll around, light a tealight under it, and there, you have the cutest lantern ever.

Sweet Potat-o-lantern
These sweet potato jack-o-lanterns are pretty darn sweet. All you need is a small knife to make them, and then you can use them in a mash later!

You don’t eat the skin anyway, so why not turn this summer treat into a watermelon-o-lantern!