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If you like chocolate then these recipes might be for you. If you are a hands down chocoholic then you must try these or live out the rest of your days in the dark. You can’t just walk around calling yourself a chocoholic if you have not tried these. Just saying. I am always looking for new ways to add chocolate to my life. Sweeten up your life with these delicious recipes.


Chocolate Pancakes are the breakfast of champions. Best served with chocolate sauce and chocolate-covered fruit. And chocolate milk, Obviously.



Truffles are my favorite. Brownie Truffles  are the best I’ve tried yet. Move over chocolate peanut butter truffles, there’s a new sheriff in town.



Chocolate Oatmeal No-Bake Bars. The best bars don’t require the use of my oven. Not only am I lazy, I am impatient. There’s nothing worse than waiting for my chocolate goodies to bake and cool. Who am I kidding, I consistently burn my mouth on freshly baked foods.



I much prefer donut holes or anything that I can shove gracefully into my mouth. Glazed Chocolate Donut Holes are even better than the ones I get at the bakery. That’s probably because I am extra generous with the glaze. For doubly chocolate donut goodness, use this chocolate glaze recipe.



Chocolate Pie is the best kind of pie. Amiright?



The only thing that comes close to waking up to chocolate pancakes, is waking up to Chocolate Waffles. Mix icing sugar with cocoa powder for the best results.



Frozen Hot Chocolate is a great alternative to ice cream for dessert. Here’s a recipe for chocolate whipped cream to go with your frozen bliss.



Chocolate cakeis ok but Triple Chocolate Layer Cake is awesome!



Surprisingly, peanut butter cookies are my favorite. That was until Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies came along.



Thank goodness for Triple Chocolate Banana Bread. I add walnuts to mine because my grandma always put some in her banana bread.