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I am so indecisive I always have so many paint chips when I am trying to choose a color. Here are some fun ideas to upcycle your paint chips instead of throwing them away. Of course any of these ideas could be made using card stock too.


This beautiful mobile is pretty simple to make. And number of color combinations and configurations would work well but ombre is still a favorite of mine.



Sewing a garland is fun but you can also punch holes to string your favorite shapes into a fun decoration. Hang them vertically for a cool effect as seen here.



Make your own calendar. I love making my own calendars. They always fit on my desk and are fun to make.



Making your own wreath is so satisfying. Make something unique to get the neighbors talking and you’ll get compliments from all your guests.



I love giving a nice bookmark with a book. Step up your gift-giving game with a handmade bookmark.



Handmade earrings are a great gift. If you like a pop of color in your wardrobe, you can have whatever color you want without spending hours shopping around.



Bunting is always a good idea. Choose colors for the occasion or mix it up for a beautiful rainbow.



There are countless artwork ideas to be made with paint chips. Choose your favorite pattern or animal and have a blast putting it together. This peacock is especially fun.



Make your own box for a little gift. Good things really do come in small packages. And there’s nothing better than a pretty package.



This is a fun necklace idea. Add more or fewer pieces to suit the size of the statement you’d like to make.





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