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1. My kids love sandwiches on different buns and this is a big hit at our house. The kids love trying to write their names with the jelly. It’s a bit filling so I tend to cut them in half before serving.

2. If you want to let your kids play with their food, then you can serve Octopus & Crab instead of a plain old dog. A few strategic cuts is all you need and you can find many creative ways to add facial expressions to your little creations.

3. Escargot is all the rage but most kids likely won’t want to try them unless they are as adorable as this little cutie. You can make these delicious Snail Snacks with any round fruit or vegetable and a coordinating spread such as peanut butter, ranch dip, and whatever will convince your kids to eat more veggies. I make them with peanut butter, and orange, and grapes for eyes. Pretzels make great antennae!

4. My kids love anything that’s wrapped. The best thing about wrapping is that I can hide healthy things inside with a lot less groaning. Fortunately, these Banana Rolls are sure to please your after-school snacker without modifications.

5. Who needs Ants on a Log when there are Fish in the River!? This snack is fun and extremely cute. Use a thicker spread to make your fish “stand” up. Plain cream cheese or any thick spread will do.

6. Everything has more appeal when you serve it on a stick. I think it’s because it means playing with your food which is bending the rules at our house. Banana Split Bites will delight everyone after a long day in class. I simply serve skewered fruit and add chocolate and nuts for special occasions.

7. Frozen Blueberry Yogurt Kebabs are a favorite in our house after 4. The kids love skewering the blueberries for me and I don’t mind how many they pop in their mouths. We tend to make large batches of these fun treat and keep them frozen for a cool after school snack.

8. Peanut Butter Jelly Sushi is a fun twist on your standard PB&J that’s fun to eat. This a great idea to pack in lunches and most sandwiches will roll up so don’t be afraid to get creative.


9. This all-time classic is even better rolled up. Whether your kids like to dip, or just eat as is, they are sure to be all the rage. Try different kinds of cheese and find out which ones your kids like best. My kids love marble cheese but I’m sure that has nothing to do with the taste.

10. Grape Pops are as fun as cake pops without as much artificial sugar. The kids help and we use different kinds of nuts as the topping but I let the kids choose different kinds of sprinkles and candies for special occasions. These treats are even sweeter when cherries are in season!


There you have it, ideas to make snack time a little more entertaining. All this writing about snacks has me feeling a little peckish…