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Paper crafts for the novice and experienced crafter are a great way to make art for your home or as a gift. Get inspired by these ideas to create other projects and make smaller versions for greeting cards or to decorate gifts. Get your craft on and develop your skills to become a pro paper crafting genius.


I recently started noticing incredibly artistic paper quilling projects online and I can’t wait to cultivate these skills. I adore the works by the following artist and can’t wait to get started developing my own style. Quilling projects are works of art in themselves and look amazing in shadow boxes or as greeting cards.



This idea for a decoration above a headboard would look great hanging in front of plain drapes. I love using paper crafts to change up decor with the seasons or as my daughter’s tastes change. This idea works well with any shape and are extra fun when those shapes are 3-dimensional.



Paper rosettes make a great garland and look even lovelier when you have them upside down in masses. I like hanging something over the dining table, and above my children’s beds. It gives us something to look at while we get ready for bed. I ask them to count them all while they are trying to sleep when they complain that they simply aren’t tired at bed time.



I love creating small canvasses of art so we can change them up with the seasons and always make room for new projects. Butterflies are a great shape to add dimension to a craft. The different sizes, shapes, and colors make the project extra interesting.



Stars are well-loved in our home and I love how these stack for easy storage when we are not enjoying them on our wall or in our windows. Have fun mixing up the colors and sizes and attach some back to back for hanging from above.



These hearts are simply adorable and a great idea for a child’s room and Valentine’s decorating. Attach them back to back if you’d like to hang them from above. I like hanging them in the windows of my child’s room.



Feathers are really hot right now and nothing looks quite as nice with gold tips as feathers do. These are great by a window where they play in the breeze and I love this idea as a bookmark as well.



I love how these flowers are made with little hearts. They remind me of pinwheels and I think they’d hang really well. I like to hang a few crafts in our kitchen window and these will be great for spring.



I love garlands and these are beautiful. You can play around with different patterns or abandon a pattern and wing it. I especially like the colors they chose here.



This idea works well as a snowflake or flower. If you attach 2 back to back, they make a great item to hang. Small versions are great for greeting cards. Please use glitter if you are making snowflakes. Because glitter.