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I am so grateful for fall because it means sweater weather, holiday times with family and friends, and pie, glorious pie. Don’t get me wrong, I love pie at all times of the year but I prefer not to use my oven in the summer. So turn up the heat and get your pie on with these pretty pie ideas.


If you are not a seasoned pro, you are not ready to try and make something intricate, or you just don’t have the time, use a pie top cutter!



Choose your favorite seasonal  shape to create a decorative edge on your pretty pie.



This is technically a tart but I do not discriminate when it comes to tasty pastry filled with deliciousness. This Apple Walnut Tart with Maple Custard is a show-stopper!



Lattice is a traditional favorite of mine. This is a nice twist on an old favorite that won’t take much time at all.



Sweet pies are great but you can have pie for dinner before you have pie for dessert. Mind. Blown.



Skip the traditional pie crust and cut up your favorite shapes to layer over the top of your masterpiece.



Pecan pie is one of my favorites and I have never thought of doing this. So pretty!




I have seen a lot of braided pies and this is as nice without all the work. I can’t wait to try this!



Another great twist on an old favorite. Create flat braids to lay across your pretty pie for this love effect.



If you’re feeling really ambitious, you could create a knitted pie top. This is amazing! As an avid knitter I can’t resist the temptation to try this.



Don’t forget to take pics of your pretty pie before you dig in. And always, always let it cool before serving.