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Some men age like fine wine. These Hollywood leading men must have a secret for looking so good years since their debuts.

John Stamos first made my heart throb as Uncle Jesse on Full House. That was back in the late 80’s!

Look at him now! Still handsome and trim at 52.

Image Source: Toronto Sun

Patrick Dempsey is best known to us as Dr. Derek Shepherd, aka Dr. Dreamy, on Grey’s.  Do you remember him in 1987’s Can’t Buy Me Love?

Image Source: Pinterest

He looks amazing at 49 racing cars!

Image Source: Autoevolution

George Clooney made us all swoon on ER. This Hollywood veteran has been in the game since 1978!

Image Source: Democratic Underground

At 54, he still makes us drool with those big brown eyes.

Image Source: Bravo TV

Brad Pitt

Pitt stole my heart as the hitchhiking cowboy in 1991’s Thelma & Louise.

Image Source: Marvelous Wallpapers

At 52, he can still steal a heart or 2.

Image Source:  Billy’s Film Reviews

Robert Downey Jr. has always been adorable, even back in Weird Science in 1985.

Image Source: Reel Movie Nation

He looks spectacular at 50.

Image Source: Star Pulse

Rob Lowe was one of the members of the Brat Pack and won our hearts in 1985’s St Elmo’s Fire.

Image Source: Buzzfeed

Looking fine at 51.  He was terrific as Chris Traeger in Parks and Recreation.

Image Source: NYMag

Mario Lopez was a teen cutie in Saved By the Bell.

Image Source: Cosmopolitan UK

Now he’s a dashing 42 year old grown up. Those dimples! Meow!

Image Source: Zimbio

Ryan Phillippe has always had those pouty lips and soulful eyes.

Image Source: Way To Famous

He looks incredible at 41. He even ge s mistaken for his 15 year old daughter’s,Ava, brother!

Image Source:  People

Will Smith’s charming mischeviousness won us over when he was The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Image Source: Virgin Media

He still delights us with his disarming smile at 47.

Image Source: Latin Post

Daniel Day Lewis beguiled us in 1985’s A Room With a View.

Image Source: Tumblr 

He is dashing at 58.

Image Source: Arts Stew

Liam Neeson‘s accent has driven us wild since 1986’s The Mission.

Image Source: Liam Central

This Irish actor still looks gorgeous at 63.

Image Source: Liam Neeson

Denzel Washington has had my heart since 1989’s Glory.

Image Source: Script Shadow

I still think he is the hottest man in Hollywood at 61.

Image Source: Uncommon Realist

Kevin Costner was dreamy in 1990’s Dances With Wolves.

Image Source: In a Lonely Place

He continues to be the stuff dreams are made of at 60.

Image Source: Star Pulse

Johnny Depp bewitched us all in 21 Jump Street.

Image Source: Love This Pic

He’s got those smoldering brown eyes working for him at 52.

Image Source: Daily Mail UK

Shemar Moore made us all feel restless as Malcom Winters on Y&R.
Image Source: Loving Moore

At 45 he looks better than ever.

Image Source: Georgia’s Juice