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On November 19th, 1995, the world was changed forever! I can still remember the day I got Toy Story on VHS, I must have watched it 10 times in a row. Check out these 20 facts for 20 years, I’ll bet you didn’t know some of them!

1. The original Toy Story is the first fully computer-generated full-length feature film.

Source: First Street Confidential

2. The Pizza Planet delivery truck, which has appeared in every Pixar film except The Incredibles, also appeared in all three Toy Story films.

Source: Huffington Post

3. Pixar originally wanted Jim Carrey to voice Buzz Lightyear, but they couldn’t due to the low budget they were given for the film.

Source: Breitbart Unmasked

4. Buzz Lightyear’s original name was Lunar Larry.

Source: Radio Times

5. Mattel originally didn’t want Barbie in the film because they thought the film would be a failure. They also didn’t want Barbie to have a defined personality, preferring to let children imagine Barbie’s personality traits on their own. When the film proved a huge success, Mattel allowed Barbie to appear in Toy Story 2.

Source: Youtube

6. Pixar tentatively titled the film “You Are A Toy.”


7. Toy Story 2 is one of three Disney movies to win a Golden Globe for Best Picture. The other two are Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King.

Source: Wikipedia

8. The green three eyed aliens have a circled pizza (pepperoni and mushroom) on their fronts.


9. Tom Hanks and Tim Allen both confessed to crying at the part of Jessie’s flashback sequence that shows her being rejected, and abandoned by her owner, set to “When She Loved Me” by Sarah McLachlan.




10. Blake Clark became the new voice of Slinky Dog, replacing Jim Varney, who died in 2000. Clark was good friends with Varney prior to his death.

11. Pizza Planet was originally supposed to be called Pizza Putt, a combination pizzeria/mini-golf course.

Source: Wikia

12. Barbie’s blue workout outfit from Toy Story 3 is based on the real 1984 “Great Shape” Barbie Doll. The Ken doll in the movie is modeled after the real “Animal Lovin” Ken from 1988.

13. Originally, the main character was going to be Tinny, the title character in Tin Toy (1988). In the movie he would have gotten lost during a family trip and joined up with a sarcastic ventriloquist dummy in a search of a home.

14. Toy Story was completed on a $30 million budget using a staff of 110. In comparison, The Lion King, released in 1994, required a budget of $45 million and a staff of 800.

15. The license plate on Andy’s mother’s car reads “A 111” on the front and “A 113” on the rear. A111 and A113 are two rooms used by the animation department at CalArts – alma mater of a large number of Pixarians.

Source: Pixar Planet

16. Toy Story 3 is the first sequel to be nominated for the Best Picture Oscar without any of its predecessors being nominated.

Source: Youtube

17. The character of Andy is named for Andries “Andy” Van Dam, a Brown University Professor and computer science and animation pioneer who taught many of makers of this film.

18. Pixar presented an early draft of the film to Disney on November 19, 1993. The result was disastrous. The film was deemed unwatchable. It presented Woody as a “sarcastic jerk” who was constantly insulting the other toys. Disney immediately shut down production pending a new script. The story team spent a week on a new script to make Woody a more likable character, instead of the “sarcastic jerk” he had been.

19. Many of the books on the shelf in Andy’s room are names of Pixar’s short films (Adventures of Andre and Wally B., Knick Knack, etc.) and some of the book author’s are named after Pixar staff.

Source: Tumblr

20. The number “95” appears frequently throughout all 3 films. This is in reference to the year the original Toy Story was released, 1995.

Source: Coming Soon