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The massive rush for Black Friday sales looks like someone took the Olympics and crossed it with the Running Of The Bulls.

But what if I told you I could keep you away from the flying elbows and stomping feet while still getting huge discounts on the stuff you want?

Amazon already has their Black Friday sales up and running, so you can save hundreds while sitting on your tush painting your nails. Isn’t that better than dodging canes and fists? Now to make it even easier for you I’ve found 4 incredible deals on tablets, and I think we can all agree that tablets are what we really want. Now get comfy and click on the images if you wan’t to score a great deal!

K, good! First up is the little tablet with a big reputation. The Apple iPad is the best-selling tablet in the world, and the Mini packs all the punch in a wee little container. You can make the little darling yours at an insane 40% off when you get it now on Amazon!
Not to be outdone Samsung also has some of their tablets on for close to half-off. For instance you can get a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 for less than $80!
Samsung Galaxy

Those are the 2 biggest names in the tablet biz, but they are far from your only option. Amazon itself is making big waves with their Amazon Fire Tablet! You want it? It’s yours for $50!
Amazon Fire
The single most affordable tablet I could find was the Tagital Quad Core tab that’s going for $39. It runs Android technology so you can still get all the latest apps and features, bells and whistles too! At that price it makes it a great option for a gift this coming Christmas season.