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I love to perform random acts of kindness all year long but especially during the holiday season. Random acts of kindness bring a smile to everyones face, no matter how big or small. As cheesy as it sounds, seeing someone else smile brings me so much happiness! I have put together a short list of random act of kindness ideas for you to try. You might be surprised at how much joy it brings you.

Leave Coupons For Others – I’m an avid coupon shopper which means that I cut out EVERY coupon that comes in the Sunday paper. Of course, I can’t use all of them! I enjoy leaving coupons that I won’t use on their matching product. That way others can benefit from coupons as well.


Leave $1 on an item at the Dollar Tree – Every time I shop at the Dollar Tree I tape a dollar on the back of a child’s toy. Can you imagine the smile on their face when they find a toy that they really want and are able to purchase it with their own money? The thought puts a smile on my face!


Leave words of encouragement – This idea is free and can really help people who are having a rough day. One time I found a sweet note in a library book and it made my day! After finding it I added my own note.


Buy someone’s snack – I love this idea because it’s so simple. Just add a few quarters to an envelope and tape it to a vending machine. I always have loose change in my purse. Next time I see a vending machine I’m doing this!


Pay a strangers restaurant bill – When I was much younger my mom took my brother and me to breakfast. It was a pretty rough day for all of us emotionally. A stranger randomly purchased our breakfast and it instantly changed our moods. I still think of that day often and it reminds me to pay it forward.


“When we feel love and kindness towards others, it not only makes others feel loved and cared for, but it also helps to develop inner peace and happiness.”