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Plants give a home a friendly, elegant and peaceful atmosphere. Not only that, green house plants have the ability to filter out the harmful chemicals and to purify the air in your dwelling.  If you are like me, you were unaware that your residence is typically more polluted than outdoor air. Did you know that chemical compounds like formaldehyde, benzene and carbon monoxide are found in decorating materials, cleaners and furnishings? Indeed.

Finding out this unpleasant truth is worrisome. But never fear. We have gathered a list of the 8 plants that best  purify the indoor atmosphere. These little green helpers will do their best to clean the air you breathe and they will beautify your abode at the same time. ☺


Boston Fern

Credit: Bloom IQ

Peace Lily

Credit: MidWest Living

English Ivy

Credit: Better Homes and Gardens

Snake Plant

Credit: MidWest Living


Credit: Four Generations One Roof

Aloe Vera

Credit: Brit + Co

Weeping Fig

Credit: Better Homes and Gardens

Areca Palm

Credit: Decoholic