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Who doesn’t love hot cocoa? I am always looking for fun new recipes to try and wasn’t sure how I felt about adding booze to the sweet, comforting beverage, but now I’m hooked! It’s a fun way to get extra flavor, indulging and feeling a little naughty when I’m always so nice!

Kahlua Hot Chocolate. This was the first liqueur that I experimented with when I became of age. So tasty and smooth!



Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate with Tequila tastes even better than it sounds. I wasn’t sure how tequila would taste but it has the perfect kick for this seasonal treat.

salted-caramel-hpt-chocolate-with tequila


I have always loved spicy chocolate and this Fireball Mexican Hot Chocolate is sure to delight.



Treat your inner child to some very adult Cookie Dough Vodka Hot Chocolate. You may just want to make this into a float!



I can’t wait to serve these for dessert at my next dinner party. Chambord Raspberry Hot Chocolate just sounds delicious doesn’t it?



Red Wine Hot Chocolate is another concoction that had me curious. I wasn’t sure if I’d like it but it is delicious!



This will be a hit on Christmas Eve at our home. Spiced Grand Marnier Hot Chocolate will be a great treat for the adults as we take part in our annual traditions.



Baileys Hot Chocolate is another obvious choice if you are a fan of this treat in your coffee. It’s even better in cocoa!



Spiked Nutella Hot Chocolate is sinfully delicious! Make some for the kids and then spike some for the adults and everybody wins!



Pumpkin Spice Bourbon Hot Chocolate is perfect for Thanksgiving dinner. I will make a note to carry a thermos of this tasty treat next Halloween!



As with all great ideas, someone was inspired to think beyond the beverage and make Baileys Marshmallows. Adapt this recipe to work with the boozy hot chocolate you are serving. Enjoy!