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I don’t know about you but I like to kill time by searching for cute animal photos on the internet. I know, I’m slightly crazy but when you see these photos you’ll totally understand!

How cute are these two? They made a heart by cuddling! I think I need another dog now so my fur baby has a cuddle buddy!3e6f5e34b946c22226729c07bedf547d

I can’t get over that smile!


One big HAPPY family!


Is it possible to even be mad at this face?


Is your heart melting yet!?


I just want to pick this little guy up and cuddle him!


This is possibly the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen.


These two are clearly best friends!


Have you ever seen an Elephant this happy?


Your heart should definitely be melted by now!


I’m sure you can now understand why I spend my free time looking at adorable animal photos! I always feel a little happier after seeing photos like these.