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People always assume that I am an extrovert. But, that is far from the case. Every personality test I have ever taken, including the Meyers Briggs concludes, that I am undoubtedly an introvert. I am just bubbly and sociable. Being an outgoing introvert might seem like a paradox because it is. We’re animated and entertaining, yet we’re deep thinkers who need alone time in order to be balanced. If you are like me, you can probably relate to the following.

You’re really good at giving speeches.

As a student, I won awards for public speaking. If you’re an introvert that doesn’t mean that you are not charismatic or don’t speak well in front of large groups.

You’re friendly.

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Just because you thrive on alone time, doesn’t mean that you are shy or don’t like people. You might not be comfortable with awkward silences either. You may blither on about random things to fill the air. But, despite being talkative and fun-spirited, what truly replenishes us is deep thinking in solitude.

You’re funny.

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Introverts are not all brooding moodiness like popular belief tells us. We can be hella entertaining. We may even be goofy, silly and laugh easily.

You do get tired out from being constantly on-the-go.

We introverts are not like extroverts. We may love adventures and exploring but not for hours on end. We get tired from all the external stimulation. Which makes sense, because as introverts, we gather our strength from internal sources. We can’t shop all day long or be the last ones to leave a party. As an outgoing introvert, we may be the life of the party (for a short period of time) but we quickly fizzle out.

We need our alone time.

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We feel drained and down right cranky without our alone time. We guard our time fiercely and save it for the right people in the right situations. We get played out by large crowds and sometimes need to go for long drives or walks by ourselves.

We have a few very close friendships.

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Outgoing introverts don’t have enormous friends’ numbers on Facebook. We are generally well-liked, but we have only a few precious friends. Our loved ones we know on a very deep and intimate level. Our friendships are usually lifelong. We’re loyal and true, great listeners and are very empathic.

We can easily see  another’s perspective.

Part of what makes us such great friends is our ability to see through someone else’s eyes. We may not be in agreement with their opinion or view, but we get it.

People often tell you you’re an old soul.

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As children we related easily with adults. We’re very perceptive and make spot on observations. Being an introvert lead others to see us as mature and wise.

You have strong ideas.

Because of all of the introspection, you know yourself pretty well. This means you have a strong sense of your values, opinions, likes and dislikes.

They are levels to you.

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Because we’re bubbly and chatty, people may think they know us well. But, unlike our extrovert counterparts, we don’t lay it all out there. It actually takes time and trust to get to know us deeply. We don’t give it all away and may even, secretly, believe that no one really knows us.