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We’ve compiled a list of Halloween movie must-sees for all of you. Grab your blankie and popcorn, nestle into the couch and hold on tight! Some of these flicks are sure to give you a fright. Don’t worry, most of these are pretty tame. Muahahaha. If you are scared, be sure to check out our list of family friendly Halloween flicks.


Return to your childhood while watching the ghoulish Beetlejuice try to enchant innocent Lydia. Oh he does love to terrorize the poor Maitlands so!

Image courtesy of: The Nerdist

The Rocky Horror Picture Show 

Sweethearts Brad and Janet get stranded at the spooky mansion of transvestite scientist Dr Frank Furter.  Meet the wild characters of the house in this hilarious musical romp.

Image courtesy of: Her Campus

Corpse Bride

In Victorian Europe, Victor unintentionally weds the murdered Emily and is spirited away to the Land of the Dead. He must somehow return to his living bride, Victoria, and the Land of the Living.

Image Courtesy of: DreamWorks

American Werewolf In London

In this classic horror flick, two American college students are brutally attacked by a large wolf while backpacking through England. One dies and the other, David, well…let’s just say he doesn’t.

Image courtesy of: Cam and the And The Angry Lizard People From Space

Edward Scissorhands

Gentle Edward is the creation of a scientist, much like Frankenstein.  His creator dies before Edward is finished leaving Edward with great scissor blade hands. He lives as an outsider until he falls in love with Kim.

Image courtesy of: Tumblr user taissaland

The Wolfman

This is the original werewolf horror film. Larry returns to his native Wales and falls in love with Gwen. He gets bitten on the chest when saving Gwen’s friend from a vicious wolf and a gypsy woman tells him that he is cursed. He will turn into a wolf at each full moon. Watch man transform into beast in this 1941 classic.

Image courtesy of: Tumblr user rehetthammersmithhorror



This cult classic from David Lynch is definitely bizarre and is sure to freak you out. Henry lives in a dark nightmarish town as a lonely factory worker. He marries the woman he had a brief fling with after finding out she is pregnant. But, baby arrives as a strange lizard-like creature that won’t quit wailing. They live surrounded by strange neighbors and soon Henry turns slowly mad.

Image courtesy of: Music Box Theatre

Bram Stoker’s Dracula

Dracula’s lonely heart yearns for his lost love, Mina, in this Gothic horror adaptation of the novel by Bram Stoker. This is a great movie with a star-studded cast including Gary Oldman, Winona Ryder and Anthony Hopkins.

Image courtesy of:FanPop


The Scream film series by Wes Craven are sure to raise your arm hairs this Halloween. Sleepy little Woodsboro is losing its citizens, again and again and again! This self-referential cult classic series will get some laughs and a few jumps out of you.

Image courtesy of: rebloggy

Mars Attacks

Martians invade Earth in this off-beat cult favorite from weirdo director Tim Burton. Natalie Portman, Jack Nicholson and Sarah Jessica Parker will keep you laughing as these horrifying aliens terrorize Earth.


Image courtesy of: Tumblr user karenundomiel