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I love being wrapped up in a blanket so much that I would LOVE this DIY blanket coat. Think of the pattern possibilities! It’s also customizable, you can add any belt you want each time you wear it. This project is super easy, all you need is a blanket, scissors, a belt and a sewing machine.



First thing’s first, pick a blanket. This one is 100% Merino Wool, which will be super warm.



Fold the blanket so the short ends are together.



Measure the center of the blanket and mark it. Grab a plate and place it at the top center of the fold, so that half is on the blanket and half is off. Cup the top piece cup the center until you reach the bottom of the plate, then cut around the plate to create a half circle.

step 1


Move the plate and cut the half circle off at the fold.



Set your sewing machine to a zigzag stitch and sew all around the raw edges of the blanket.



Fold your zigzagged edges a 1/4″ to the inside an pin them.



Choose a decorative stitch on your machine is you have one. Sew around the edge with your desired stitch.




Put your blanket coat on and mark the position where you’d like the belt loops. Your natural waist works best. Make them as wide as the belt you’ll be using to close your blanket coat.



Use a buttonhole stitch to create a finished hole for your belt loop. If your machine doesn’t have buttonhole capability, use a zigzag stitch. Use a sharp pair of scissors to cut the button hole open.



Last but not least, slide your belt through the openings so that the back of the belt is around your waist under the blanket and the front of the belt is around your waist on top of the blanket.



Source: EHow