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We communicate constantly without even knowing we’re doing it. Our posture, handshake, resting face, all make a difference to the message we convey to the world and to the people in our surroundings. Here are some ways to leave a favorable impression on those around you without saying a thing.

When Walking Into A Room

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Imagine the room is full of your closest friends, even if everyone there is a stranger. Smile like you are truly glad to be there with your chin up. Make eye contact and even a quick nod, maintaining your grin.

Pay Attention To Your Posture


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To project a positive image, you must pay attention to your posture. It’s good for your back and even helps to enhance mental alertness. So, what’s to lose?

Stand up straight like you are being pulled upwards. Relax your shoulders and open your chest by rotating your shoulders back. Keep some tension in your core to avoid flopping forward into a slouch.

Maintain your tall posture when seated. Push your bum to the back of the chair. Try not to round forward.

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When standing, position your feet under your hips.


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When meeting someone for the first time, lean in when shaking hands and make it firm, but gentle. Remember to smile and look them in the eye at the same time.

Minimize Distracting Nervous Habits

Relax! Don’t bite your nails, tap your pen, skin peel or scab pick with others. This nervousness will unsettle those around you. Don’t check you phone constantly, this communicates disinterest and boredom.

When Someone Is Talking to You.

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Angle yourself towards the person taking to you. Nod and smile throughout the conversation. Mirror their posture. If they are leaning to the side, lean too, if they pick up a cup, pick up yours. Don’t be too obvious or they will catch on and think you’re being a creep.

Stay Away From These Negative Signals

Touching the bridge of your nose communicates discomfort and wanting to get out of there.

Crossing your arms is a defensive gesture which signals being closed to interaction.

Touching your neck makes you seem nervous and insecure. Men also rub their necks when they are angry or frustrated.

Staring moodily at the ground is surely not a good impression-making gesture.

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Eliminate “resting bitch face” by relaxing your facial muscles and thinking of happy moments. Try to spread your eyebrows out and lose the tension in your mouth.


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