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Bunnies In Bonnets

November 18, 2015 | Interest, Pets

What is better than a cat in a hat? How about a bunny in a bonnet?! We’ve scoured the interweb in search of the cutest, silliest rabbits in hats for your entertainment. Enjoy!

What’s up Doc? You say I have a pumpkin on my head? Nonsense!

Image Found On: Buzzfeed


Image Found On: Tumblr 

I think I would have preferred to be a pilgrim.

Image Found On: Daily Bunny

Pull a bunny out of a hat? That’s child’s play.

Image Found On: Reddit

I bet you think this is hilarious. Look at Harold with a pancake beret! Go on! Laugh at me you dimwit.

Image Found On: Staggering Advice

Erm, we’re here for the party? Did we get the wrong day?

Image Found On: Project Nursery

A cowboy life isn’t for everybunny. It gets lonesome out there.

Image Found On: Pinterest

I agreed to let you take me out, but I am a proper lady. Don’t try any bunny stuff!

Image Found On: Reddit

Looking dapper my fellow! Shall we adjourn to the study for some sherry?

Image Found On: Buzzfeed

I guess they think I am a slope bunny?

Image Found On: Tumblr

I’m Anne, Anne of Green Gables.

Image Found On: Melody M. Nunez

No, I am Anne of Green Gables!

Image Found On: Cutearoo

Do you seriously think I can pull an overweight old man in a sleigh loaded with presents for all the children of the world?

Image Found On: Tumblr

I don’t know what they’re on about. I am Anne of Green Gables!

Image Found On: Flickr

Who’s fighting about being an orphan in Nova Scotia? I am the princess of Siberia.

Image Found On: Buzzfeed

Gd’day mate!

Image Found On: Tumblr

I miss the sea.

Image Found On: Daily Mail UK

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Image Found On: Cute Furry Friends

I just had to throw this in.

Image Found On: PhotoBucket