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When you ask someone if they are a cat or a dog person, you usually don’t have to wait long to get the answer. People know. But why are you a cat person or dog person? What does your pet preference say about you?

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Statistically speaking, dogs seem to win the popularity contest.

Many of us gravitate towards the animal we were raised with. If you had a dog growing up, you will have a dog as an adult. Lifestyle plays a big part in choice of pets also. Those who are single and out of the home more often selecting feline companions. Married people and families are more likely to own a dog. But apart from practical considerations and your upbringing, is there really a difference between cat people and dog people? Apparently there is…

According to the study: “Personalities of Self-Identified ‘Dog People’ and ‘Cat People'” , we prefer pets with compatible personality traits to our own.

So, what does being a cat person mean in a nut-shell? Cat people are more open to experience, are more likely to be introverts and are less conventional than dog people. Cat people also tend to be more creative, liberal in their views and are less influenced by pop culture.The down-side is that cat people tend to be more neurotic.

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Dog people are typically sociable. They are more extraverted and agreeable by nature. Dog people are team players and are more likely to hold conservative views. Dog people tend to pay more attention to pop culture and fashion trends. They are more conventional than their feline loving counterparts.

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