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Cats in Hats

November 6, 2015 | For Fun, Interest, Pets

Dr Seuss was really on to something with cats in hats. We adore snuggling and cuddling with our furry felines, but we also love dressing them up! They are just too adorable when they don finery. Prepare yourself for a deluge of delightful cats in in all manner of hats. This is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

  1. Do I look like a deer to you? Seriously?!

Image Source: Tumblr user kittenskittenskittens 

2. Ay yai yai yaiii! I am ready for the fiesta!

Image Source: Parade

3. Give me back my dignity. No! I will not smile pretty for the camera.

Image Source:  Tumblr user littlehatsoncats

4. Take me to Kermit.

Image Source: Yumi

5. Will these humans never leave me alone?!

Image Source: Tons of Cats 

6. Does this make you happy? Really?!

Image Source: Tons of Cats

7. Bow down before me!

Image Source: Parade

9. Leave me to my coffee and poetry. You imbecile!

Image Source: Global News

10. I feel jaunty today. Tra-la-la.

Image Source: Tons of Cats

11. Did someone say “shark”?!

Image Source: Rebloggy

12. Eagerly awaiting Cinco de Mayo.

Source: Parade

13. 4 score and 9 lives ago…

Image Source: The Very Best Top 10

14. I thank you not to make fun of me, Sir.

Image Source: Tons of Cats

15. I wonder if Frederic will fancy my new fastener?

Image Source: The Very Best Top 10

16. Pass me the Drambuie!

Image Source: Adweek 

17. Me waits for you all day!

Image Source: Tons of Cats