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Cats In Pajamas

July 25, 2016 | For Fun, Interest, Pets

Get ready to be bombarded with cuteness! Cats in pajamas are quite literally the cats pajamas. This list of adorably festooned furry felines will bring a smile to your face.

Time to binge on Netflix!

Out cold with his night cap.

[Credit: Catsparella}

Not impressed with the adorable ears!

[Credit: ThatCuteSite]

Sleepover Party!

[Credit: Buzzfeed]

 I want those jammies!

Just snuggling down for a cat nap.

[Credit: Her Campus]

 Why do you do this to me? I should be outside hunting!

[Credit: Buzzfeed]

Do you eat the middle first?

[Credit: Her Campus]

I don’t want to take a nap!

[Credit: RantPets]

You mean other cats don’t wear pajamas???