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I hate cleaning. Does anyone actually like it? I see a mess and I’m like:

But we can’t escape it forever, we have to be adults now, and being an adult means cleaning your window tracks, whitening your pillowcases and keeping your baseboards clean and dust-free.Here are 30 cleaning hacks that will make your life so much easier (and cleaner!).

1. Microwave your sponges to kill bacteria.

Soggy sponges are a breeding ground for bacteria! Throw them in your microwave to kill germs and lengthen their lifespan.

2. Clean your paintings with a bagel. (Seriously.)

Yep, you read right, that says bagel! Using a bagel or a piece of bread to dust your paintings is the best idea ever, it protects the painting and gets it squeaky clean.

3. Clean out your front-load washing machine.

It’s always a good idea to clean the thing that cleans your clothes! Keep that rubber seal clean and mold-free with a hot, wet towel and a toothbrush.

4. Use salt to clean your iron.

Hard water can take a toll on your iron. Iron some salt and it will be good as new again.

5. Use q-tips to clean your window tracks.

Ah, the job we all hate. Make it bearable and get into all those nooks and cranny’s with a q-tip.

6. Clean and deodorize your mattress with baking soda.

You sleep on your mattress every night, so shouldn’t it be clean? Use baking soda to make it smell fresh and clean again.

7. Keep your baseboards clean with the anti-static power of dryer sheets.

She rubbed a dryer sheet on her baseboards and you will too! The anti-static power keep the dust at bay.

8. Use an orphan sock to clean your blinds.

We all have a pile of orphaned socks next to our dyer, patiently waiting for their mate. Where do they go? Some kind of dryer wormhole? Fulfill their lives by making them into blinds cleaners.

9. Clean your bathroom like a pro.

Cleaning your bathroom can be daunting, which is why real hotel staff have finally released their secrets! Keep your bathroom at 10 degrees warmer than normal to double the effectiveness of alkaline cleansers.

10. Dust candles with rubbing alcohol.

We all have those candles that are purely for decoration and usually they are caked with dust. Not any more! You can clean them easily with rubbing alcohol.

11. Clean your shower head with a baggie and vinegar.

Hard water can get built up in your shower head, lessening your water pressure. Take a baggie and some vinegar and give it a good soak to bring it back to life again.

12. Get your yellowing pillows white again.

Stop hiding your pillows and get them white again! Throw them in your dishwasher with a concoction of HOT water, laundry detergent, dishwasher detergent, bleach and borax.

13. Clean your ceiling fan with a pillow case.

Your ceiling fan is being neglected. I love this tip because the dust stays inside the pillowcase until it’s washed.

14. Use a lint roller to clean your lampshades.

Give your lampshades some love! Use a sticky lint roller to get that dust off.

15. Remove goo with your own homemade Goo-Gone.

I hate when labels leave their sticky glue behind! Make your own Goo-Gone and get rid of that goo!

16. Keep your toilet brush clean with Pine Sol.

Keep your toilet brush clean and keep your bathroom smelling piney-fresh with this tip.

17. This is the best way to clean your blender.

The best way to clean your blender is to literally blend your cleaning ingredients with a lemon. No scrubbing needed!

18. Clean and sanitize your garbage disposal with lemons.

Another lemony tip is grinding up lemons and lemon peels in your garbage disposal to keep it fresh and clean. You can also use a toothbrush to remove gunk from around the opening.

19. Use wire to clean between your oven door glass.

FINALLY! I can finally get those stains out from between the oven glass. All you need is a wire coat hanger and a cleaning wipe.

20. Put your vacuum filter in the dishwasher.

Easy-peasy, I love throwing stuff into my dishwasher and forgetting about it.

21. Cream of tartar cleans stainless steel beautifully.

Mix together a tablespoon of cream of tartar with some water and scrub, scrub, scrub your stainless steel clean. It keeps it totally shiny to!

22. Keep your faucets water-spot free with wax paper.

The wax in your wax paper will repel water from your faucets and taps. I love doing this because it lessens the amount of time I need to spend cleaning.

23. Vegetable oil and baking soda get rid of kitchen cabinet gunk.

You know the gunk I mean. Under the handles where all our grimy hands touch them over and over. EW! Use a toothbrush and this concoction to get rid of it.

24. Clean your cast iron skillet with salt and oil.

Cleaning a cast iron skillet can be daunting but it’s actually super easy. All you need is salt, oil and a little elbow grease.

25. Clean your kids’ toys in the dishwasher with vinegar.

Yet another thing I can just throw into the dishwasher and forget about! Use vinegar instead of dishwasher detergent for a more natural approach.

26. Clean your greasy cookware with a Magic Eraser.

Finally I can get those greasy stains off of my favorite Pyrex dish. These Magic Erasers are simply MAGIC!

27. Clean your bathroom in 15 minutes, top to bottom.

I think we all hate cleaning our bathrooms. Here’s a tried and true method designed to get you in and out of there in 15 minutes.

28. Get rid of black marks on your dishes.

Forks and knives take a toll on our dishes. Use Bon Ami or Bar Keepers Friend cleaners to get rid of those pesky black marks.

29. Remove stubborn pet hair from your carpet with a squeegee.

Cleaning up pet hair is a constant battle. Grab a window squeegee and go to town on your carpet.

30. Clean your electric grill by grilling a wet paper towel.

You can clean the grooves of your electric grill by literally grilling a wet paper towel! The steam loosens the stuck on food and will wipe off easily.