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It’s Super Bowl weekend and you’ve been knocking back the booze…Would you trust a bag of chips to keep you out of jail?

In an effort to keep the roads safe on big game day, TOSTITOS just introduced the limited edition “Party Safe” bag.

The bag is specially outfitted with a sensor and micro-controller to recognize alcohol on your breath. If it detects alcohol, a red image of a steering wheel appears with the caution “Don’t Drink and Drive”. It also gives you a $10 Uber discount code! If it doesn’t, a green circle appears, letting you know it’s safe to get behind the wheel.

Do you really need a bag of chips to tell you that you’ve had too much? Here’s what the Lawrence Kansas Police Department had to say about the new bag.

How will you get home after having a good time? Have a game plan.

Please enjoy responsibly, paint your face and get your game on!

Check out the TOSTITOS video to learn about the amazing snack bag.