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With Thanksgiving so close to Christmas, I have decided to change up my recipes every year and serve the traditional holiday meal in December only. Here are some ideas to add traditional cranberry flavor to your family meal without resorting to sauce alone. Enjoy!

Serve your guests Cranberry Cider while you get cozy and catch up. This festive treat is sure to please and whet your guests appetites for the appetizers that will follow.



Whatever bread or rolls you are serving will be even better with Cranberry Butter. Try it with your morning toast for a real wake up for your tastebuds.



Cranberry Vinaigrette is a delicious compliment for any salad, especially if there are thin slices of roast beef involved.



I never met  a bruschetta I didn’t like. Cranberry & Pomegranate Bruschetta is the best of both holiday berry worlds.



Nothing compliments turkey quite like Cranberry Relish. This is the best way to flavor your turkey sandwich leftovers.



Cranberry & Walnut Pinwheels will be a hit with you and old. Because bite size. They’re also fun to make if you have some little hands that want to participate in the preparations.



Sugared Cranberries are great for desserts, drinks, salads, and decorating. They’re also just plain pretty to look at.



I love making desserts that don’t require cutting and plating. By the time dessert is served I am so stuffed I don’t want to do a thing. No-Bake Cranberry Cheesecake is the perfect solution if you want to relax while you cap off the big meal.



Cranberry Chutney is great on toast, crackers, meat, and pretty much everything really. I have even seen someone spoon it right into their mouth. Ok, it was me.



Cranberry Upside Down Cake. My kids love this dish because it is upside down. For whatever reason, they think that’s hilarious. It also happens to be really, really tasty.