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The world of haute couture truly baffles most of us. At least it should. Check out this compilation of the weirdest runway get ups imaginable.

Who better than to kick this list off than the Gags herself? Lady Gaga is a fearless fashionista that always bewilders with her outfits.

Image Source: MTV News

Wow! Eye definitely see you!

Image Source: Brown That Banana

This Edward Scirssorhands-esque get up is not actually that insane.

Image Source: Cosmopolitan

But this freaky hair flower whatchmacallit is definitely something from a hallucination.

Image Source: Tumblr

I am not a fan of fur. But, seriously? Kermit coat? Have you no shame?

Image Source: Trend Hunterom

Now there’s a handsome guy for ya!

Image Source: Dump a Day

Ooo. I spoke too soon. Love the little piggy with the clamps!

Image Source: The Daily Beast

How about a bog monster?

Image Source: Adam Smith Fashion

Just ridiculous.

Image Source: The Daily Telegraph

No words. No words.

Image Source: Cosmopolitan UK

You thought you spent a lot of time getting your hair to fall in perfect ringlets. Imagine making your hair look like lips in the morning? Oh yeah, don’t forget your 3 pairs of shades!

Image Source:  Crazy Pics

I think I’ll wear this to Thanksgiving.

Image Source: Daily Mail UK


Image Source: Bollywood

Is she a dental hygienist? What is happening? Whatever you do, do not say “Ah”!

Image Source: Roadkill Girl

Wouldn’t want to meet this post-apocalyptic weirdo.

Image Source: PlayBuzz

Her mask is just grotesque. Love the mustache though. Happy Movember!

Image Source: Japemonster

Seriously? Whoever cooked this up is a creep.

Image Source: Weirdomatic 

Let’s finish with Gaggers. She’s a creative one alright!

Image Source: Fashion North