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The best part of Christmas is the opportunity to get creative with crafting projects. You can turn almost any fun card idea into gift wrap and vice versa. If your kids are older and we aren’t pretending there’s a Santa Claus, then the gifts can be displayed with their lovely wrapping and admired for days.


I love using natural elements in my crafts and decorating. I think these are too lovely to throw away so I would frame them after unwrapping.



I love brown paper packaging (especially tied up with string!) and this is a fun way to make it more festive. Adding a personalized letter and coordinating ribbon makes this gift too pretty to unwrap!



Add seasonal greens to your gift by creating festive wreath or Christmas tree. Just be mindful that cedar gets awfully sharp when it dries so it’s best opened fresh!



Mixing a few elements on top of a gift with the bow is my favorite method of making a present festive. Personalize the gift or add seasonal touches to make it extra special.



Keeping things simple is never a bad idea. I love the little red ribbon around this reindeer’s neck. You could make a scarf out of ribbon for a snowman or Santa.



Ornaments are fun to design and decorate. Use up pieces of wrapping paper or interesting textures from magazines to make fun decorations. These could also be used as the tags to identify recipients.



Fingerprint crafts are always fun. Get your little one involved in creating custom wrapping paper this holiday season. Create different color schemes and lovely memories at the same time.



This idea works well with scraps and pretty washi tape. You can even use wrapping paper scraps instead of the washi tape and save some money.



Nothing says the holidays to me like the scent of pine. Create tassels with pieces of pine for an extra festive wrap on a special gift.




Create fun crafts with festive straws. You can create a gift, train with button wheels, ornament, and more.