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Although I love wrapping paper in all its lovely textures, patterns, and colors, it’s also fun to get creative when wrapping that special gift. These ideas are great and inspire many others. If you love wrapping like I do, then these ideas will get you excited. If you’re not a fan, then I hope these make wrapping a little more fun.


I love this idea because it maximizes the gift (by adding a gift of crayons) and inspires the recipient to get creative. This is a fun idea for Christmas if your kids get up way too early that morning. If you’re wrapping something small you could also tear a page out of a coloring book and wrap with that.



If you’re a doodler, or know someone who is, wrap a gift in plain paper and have them personalize it. Alternatively, you can spend an afternoon doodling on paper to use for wrapping in a pinch at a later time.



Personalize a gift with fun 3D shapes. Butterflies, dragonflies, and flowers work well for this idea. I’m sure you can think of other creative ideas based on the recipient’s taste.



I’m not sure when buttons became a thing, (I have personally always loved them) but this is a great way to use them. You could create polka dots on your ribbon, or string them on as seen here.



Pick a shape for the occasion and strong them on your package with a simple hold punch. This is a great way to add a punch of color to a gift as well.



If you have paper doilies around, pain and decorate them to use as accents for your gift wrap.



Nothing works as well for dipping in gold as feathers. Create your own paper feathers, or buy them from your craft shop. These also make a great book mark if you’re gifting a book.

godl-tipped-feather wrap


A clever way to celebrate someone’s age is to add candles to their package. If you’d prefer not to offend a sensitive soul, just add a few candles as shown here.



Most people love polka dots and mini pompoms are a wonderful way to create them. Use plain wrapping paper and add pompoms in a color scheme that works for the occasion or recipient.



Bows are lovely but change is good too. I love these paper flowers and the recipient will too.