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What do you like to do for fun? You’d think that such a simple and straightforward question would be easy to answer, well you’ve thought wrong. This may come as a surprise but many people have trouble providing an answer to this question. It could be because of the assumption that what they like to do for fun could seem boring to others or they just do not have any specific hobbies to talk about. Individuals like Jillian Engel confess that this question elicits a “minor panic attack” and she goes as far as describing it as the “worst question in the world.” So now the other question that remains is, Why? As we get older, we get too caught up in everyday things like work, family and life’s other challenges. We stop making time for ourselves and at some point lose our sense of fun. Here’s some great news,it is never too late to take up a new interest. So here are some ideas to inspire and help you decide on a new hobby. There’s something for everyone whether you’re 25, 45 or 85.


1. Adult Coloring Pages


Coloring is no longer just for toddlers or seasoned artists. You can find coloring books made specifically for adults online or in bookstores. There is something very therapeutic about bringing a black and white image to life.


2. Cooking

I firmly believe that knowing how to cook is a basic survival skill. Since we need to eat to live, it is a good idea to learn how to cook. If you’re looking to learn then try free online classes like Chef Steps. If you’re someone who already knows your way around the kitchen, then make time to try out new recipes and techniques. Your belly and friends will thank you.


3. Start a Club

Activities like reading, knitting and writing do not always have to be done in solitary. Join or start a club with friends, it is an opportunity to bond over a similar interest.


4. Podcasts

If you really do prefer being solo then listening to podcasts is a great way to spend your “me time.” There is an abundance of choices when it comes to choosing a podcast genre. You can catch up on world affairs, discover new scientific facts, or get lost in the world of fiction. This American Life. Stuff You Should Know, Welcome To Nightvale, Criminal and Ted Talks Audio are some great podcasts to start with.


5. Outdoor Activities


Take up hiking or running or skiing or any of the hundreds of recreational outdoor activities. You will have fun while reaping the health benefits. If you’re looking for something more adventurous then try geocaching, a modern take on treasure hunting.


6. Blogging

This “minding your own business” thing, does not exist on the world wide web. So if you enjoy spending time online, start a blog and share your feelings, day-to-day activities, interests, and more with the online community.


7. Take a Fitness Class


Sign up for a yoga or kickboxing or zumba class. The beautiful thing about the human body is the more you push it, the stronger it becomes. So basically the more classes you attend, the better you will become. Also let’s be honest, spending money will actually encourage attendance.


8. Gardening

Your grandma is not the only one who is allowed to garden. If you do not mind dirt and worms, then try planting and taking care of a few plants and flowers. Incorporate some indoor plants into the mix so you can continue your hobby throughout winter.


9. Learn a New Language


Admit it, you’ve always wanted to be able to speak French, or Italian or Spanish. Rosetta Stone will be your new best friend. You can also find free lessons online or if you enjoy getting out of the house then join a local class in your city.


10. Travel

Since you’re on your way to mastering a new language, it is a good time to discover new places. Here’s a tip: when you travel, do not be a tourist. Try living like the locals and immerse yourself in the environment, it is so much more rewarding. Need some inspiration? This should help.


11. Photography

It is really easy for the traditional SLR to get lost amongst all the new image capturing technology of late. Almost every portable device now has a camera option but nothing truly compares to taking pictures with an actual camera. There is something magical about creating memories by capturing a moment.


12. Re-purpose and Restore


Get crafty and creative by turning your old junk into new useful things. Find some inspiration here.


13. Couponing

Take a page out of TLC’s Extreme Couponing and save yourself some money by collecting coupons.


14. Volunteer


Nothing compares to the feeling of giving back and making a difference. Find a cause you like and give them some of your time.


15. Intramural Sports

Join the local league for your favourite sport. You’ll have a blast while making lots of new friends.


16. Wine Tasting

No seriously, wine tasting is as a hobby. Gather some friends and enjoy tasting sessions at home, a wine shop or a winery. You will soon be the go-to for all things vino.


17. Pole dancing

I could have included this under fitness class but that I wanted to put the spotlight on pole dancing as a sport. Yes, you read that right, pole dancing is actually a sport that combines many aspects of dance and gymnastics. I think that every woman should try a class at least once. You may surprise yourself with a new found strength and confidence.


18. Gaming


Video games, online games, board games, etc. are all fun ways to spend your time, solo or with company.


19. Learn an instrument

You’re probably not going to be the next Beethoven or Jimi Hendrix but you can always brag about your new musical skill. YouTube has tons of great lessons and tutorials so no excuses.


20. Model Kits

If you are a hands-on type of person, then building model planes, cars and boats can be a lot of fun.


21. Home brewing


Take your love for alcohol to the next level and brew your own. Get started by purchasing a home beer brewing or wine making kit.


22. Discover New Music

new music

Everybody listens to music, so expand your playlists by finding new artists. There are tons of online resources specifically for discovering new tunes. Attending festivals, open mics and coffee houses are other great ways of finding fresh up and coming artists. Best part? when they start to gain popularity, you get bragging rights for finding them first.