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I always have some kind of bird feeder in my yard at all times! I love watching birds feast on seeds while I do the dishes, work at my desk or even enjoying a cup of coffee at the kitchen table, it’s kind of my idea of relaxation. It can actually get pretty expensive to buy bird feeders and replace the seeds all the time, not to mention finding the perfect spot to hang it or installing hardware. I much prefer to make my own, which is easy and cheap.

Quick tip: when hanging your feeders, do not dangle them from random branches, it will be hard for the birds to get to them this way. Place them up against the trunk or thick branches, this way the birds will have a surface to hold onto while eating.


DIY Tea Cup Bird Feeder
These feeders are cute and effective. The saucer on the bottom acts as a perch for the bird to stand on while they munch away on seeds. All you need for this project is an old tea cup and saucer and strong glue. Find instructions here.


DIY Suet Feeders
To make feeders you need: a mold, heavy yarn, vegetable shortening or lard, black sunflower seeds, raw sunflower seeds, and bits of fruit (apples, cranberries, oranges, blueberries). You can also add raw peanuts. Find instructions here.


Tin Can Bird Feeder
This is a great way to upcycle a tin can. Bird will love perching on your tin can bird feeder for a snack. Find instructions here.


Orange Bird Feeder
These orange feeders are best suited for hanging in shrubs. They would look super Christmas-y in your evergreen tree out back! Find instructions here.


Wreath Bird Feeder
This is a perfect craft for kids. The bundt pan design of this feeder makes it a perfect perch and snack for your feathered friends. Find instructions here.


Wine Bottle Bird Feeder
I know you have empty wine bottles lying around. 😉 This feeder is actually pretty easy to put together if you have a few tools and know how to use them. Find instructions here.


Pinecone Peanut Butter Bird Feeder
This is a classic bird feeder that I remember making with my Mom as a kid. It’s easy and effective! Find instructions here.


DIY Apple Bird Feeder
These feeders work better in the winter-time because the apple will brown slower, and they look super cute nestled somewhere among the snow. Find instructions here. (You’ll need to translate the page into English.)


Dried Apple Bird Feeder
Birds will love munching on dried apples and seeds when you make these feeders. Find instructions here.


Cookie Cutter Bird Feeder
Perfect for tiny helping hands! Find instructions here.