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Giving away food gifts has never been so cute and fun, thanks to this easy Elf Shoe Treat Holder. Get into the spirit of the season and gift your cookies, Oreos, Chocolates and more in these neat little packages. You may want to make a bunch, because once one person gets one, everyone you know will want one!

Here’s What You Need:

Scrapbook Paper or Festive Card Stock for the Shoe Collar
Green Cardstock or Poster Board
Little Jingle Bells
Hole Puncher
Double Sided Tape
Clear Cellophane
Get The Template


1. Cut out your shoes using the green poster board or cardstock and your shoe collar using the templates provided.

2. Cut your cellophane to 7″x11″

3. Wrap your treats into a tube, using the cellophane and tie with ribbon at the top.

4. Attach the collar of your shoe to the green card stock. Punch Holes where indicated.

5. Secure the green card stock with collar around the treats and matching up the ends on either side. Secure with tape.


6. Use the thread to secure the jingle bell on your shoe and tie some ribbon on the collar as a finishing touch.