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DIY: Faux Mercury Glass

January 6, 2016 | DIY, Interest

There’s nothing prettier than antique mercury glass. But it can be expensive! I’ve been eyeing up some nice pieces that have this mercury glass effect, but then I thought: why not DIY? Check out how you can make the prettiest faux mercury glass using water, vinegar, glass spray, and an endless variety of glass items!

What you’ll need:
Various glass containers (must be glass, preferably clear)
Spray bottle
White vinegar
Krylon Looking Glass Spray
Paper towels
Newspaper or other protective covering


Cover the area where you plan to spray with newsprint or some other protective covering. Thoroughly clean and dry all glass pieces – you want to make sure they are really clean. Fill a spray bottle with 1 parts water to 1 parts white vinegar and shake them to combine. Set the nozzle of your spray bottle to the finest mist setting and put on any protective gloves/masks you wish to use.


Gently spray a fine mist of vinegar/water on the outside of your glass container, you’re looking for small droplets of water that bead up, but do not run.  Almost immediately, gently spray an even layer of the metallic paint.


Allow to dry for a minute and apply another find mist of your water/vinegar solution, then let your glass sit for around 2 minutes.


Gently blot the beads of water/vinegar with your paper towel – they should lift off areas of the mirror spray in a varied pattern. Don’t rub hard,


Repeat this process over and over again, rotating between resting your glass container on it’s base versus the top so you get full coverage. These particular glasses took 3-4 coats. Build thin layers to avoid runniness and splotching, patience is a virtue.