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I’m a HUGE Disney fan! Normally I buy one Christmas ornament while I’m visiting the parks. My goal is to fill a whole tree with nothing but Disney ornaments. However, that would cost me a small fortune. When I stumbled upon these DIY Mickey Christmas Ornaments I knew I had to make them for myself.


Plastic Christmas Balls (2 small “ears” and 1 large “head” for each ornament)
Sharp knife and cutting board
Permanent marker
Hot glue gun
Bows, if making Minnie ornaments


1. Using a sharp knife, carefully begin cutting the ornament hanging ends off each of the smaller balls. This will allow your ears to sit flat onto the “heads”.

2. Using a permanent marker, mark out two small spots equal distance from the hanging part of each large “head” ball.

3. Run a bead of hot glue around where you trimmed off the pieces on the “ear” balls. Stick onto the “head” where you have marked out each of the spots with the marker and hold until glue has adhered.

4. If making a Minnie ornament, hot glue a small bow between the ears.

5. Hang and Enjoy!