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Whoooo else has an obsession with owls? This quick and easy craft is an fun way to add a little personality to your Christmas tree and decor this year. Harvest some pinecones from a nature walk or your local craft store and grab some basic supplies and you have a cute owl with personality. You can attach a ribbon to the top of the pinecone so you can hang it on your tree or stand them up in a display.

1. Gather Your Materials

You will need felt, scissors, a hot glue gun, pipecleaners and pinecones of course!

2. Cut Out Your Felt Pieces

Cut out the eyes, wings and a chest piece and mix and match to make your favorite Owl personalities.

3. Glue It Together

Time to heat up the glue gun and assemble your bird. Hot glue on the face and wings onto the right pieces.

4. Attach It to the Pinecone

Attached you face pieces and wings to the pinecone to create your owl.

5. Make Feet from Your Pipe Cleaner

Cut out small pieces of pipe cleaner and twist them together to make feet.

6. Glue Feet to the Base

Just attach you new feet to the bottom of your pinecone for a finishing touch.