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Coming up with fresh yet easy ideas for decorating your home for the holidays can be frustrating especially if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands. Well today I bring you one of the simpler yet awesome DIYs that you will have your home holiday ready in no time. The DIY popsicle stick snowflake is super affordable and easy to make. It requires very basic supplies plus you know anything that involves spray paint has got to be fun. So follow these 6 steps to create your very own design. Have fun!

Supplies You’ll Need:

Popsicle sticks

Craft glue or a Glue Gun

Spray Paint

Newspaper or sheet

Hooks or strings or double-sided tape for hanging/sticking

Note: Feel free to use different sizes of the popsicle sticks so you can create a variety of big and small snowflakes. As for the spray paint, don’t just stick with white, experiment with seasonal colours like red, glittery gold and silver.


1. Choose your snowflake designs.


2. Arrange your pattern by placing the sticks on top of each other


3. Using the glue/glue gun attach the sticks together, start from the middle and work your way out.


4. Let the glue dry then remove any strings and lay the snowflake on a newspaper or sheet (this will protect your surfaces)


5. Spray paint your flake with your desired colour


6. TADA! You’re all done! Use the hooks or strings to hang the snowflake or the double sided-tape if you want to stick them on a window.

Source: Making Home Base


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