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How cute are these DIY shower jellies? Shower jellies are simply solidified versions of shower gel. You can rub them on your body, pinch off a piece and use in a loofah, sponge, or cloth. You can use them in a bath or shower. You can use them as hand soap and they lather well. If you use gel shampoo instead you can wash your hair with them. I love that this DIY version is way cheaper than the ones I love from LUSH, also they’re divided up into one-use cubes!

What you’ll need:
1 cup boiling water
1 packet of plain gelatin
1/2 cup clear body wash
soap colorant or food coloring
spoon, fork, pot holders, microwave, fridge
containers to serve as mold for jellies (ice cube tray)
optional: body-safe essential oils if your body wash isn’t scented


– Add gelatin powder and body wash to 1c of boiling water. Add as much colorant as desired if your body wash isn’t tinted.
– Mix well and pour into container of choice (You can use molds of different shapes, bowls, and ice trays)
– Allow to cool and form into jellies completely. This may take a few hours. Remove from mold and use or store in a cool, dry place.