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Raise your hand if your home could use a li’l help in the neat-and-tidy department. Have no shame dear friends, me too! So, there are a million books out there about how to get organized, clean up and stay tidy. But, I feel confident, that this list of tips (which I’ve lovingly prepared for you) is truly inspired, simple and effective.  Follow these suggestions and I promise your home will be a clean and tidy haven.

Make Your Bed In The Morning

Credit: Decoholic

Sometimes when the alarm is blaring the last thing you want to do is make your bed. Do it anyway! A tidy bed makes your bedroom look more clean and inviting. Accomplishing this small task ‘sets the tone’ for the rest of your day to be more productive. It gives a sense of well-being and control to your day and your life.

Put Your Clothes Away

Credit: Arianne Belle

If you’re anything like me, you’re okay at keeping up with the laundry. It’s the putting away that gets you. I’ve even been known to use a laundry basket as a makeshift dresser. It feels much better to actually put the clothes away in their proper place. I also struggle with leaving clothes around on the back of chairs, etc. This is a big no-no in the world of home organization. It actually takes very little time to just bite the bullet and put your clothes away first thing! Here’s a tip for sorting clothes and maintaining a tidy closet: First organize by type, then by color. (It’s embarassing by how long it took me to figure that one out, seriously).

Remove Your Shoes At the Door

Credit: Frame By Frame Style

Because tiny hands touch my floors, it’s super important to me that people remove their shoes when they step into my home. I encourage you to adopt this rule even if you don’t have tiny kids. Shoes track in dirt grit and bacteria. This is obviously a bad thing for those with carpets. Unless you have an awesome carpet cleaner or enjoy spending more time scrubbing, take the shoes off! Also, unhealthy herbicides, which are toxic, come in on your shoes! No thank you. Invest in a little bench from IKEA (like the one in the pic) and place your shoes there.

Tidy Up Before Bedtime

Credit: Cutest Paw

In those last 10 minutes before tucking in to bed, do a household sweep. Round up the dishes and put them in the dishwasher, wipe the counter, put books back on shelves, clear the coffee table. Seriously, this will make your morning so much brighter!

Clean Out The Fridge Every Week

Credit: Gettin’ By

If you’re anything like me, the back of the fridge can be a scary place. What’s even back there? Eek! Your fridge does not have to be a science experiment! Set aside an hour every Sunday to remove everything, wipe it down with vinegar and hot water, throw out the old and expired, and you’ll feel much more equipped to handle the week ahead. (It won’t take an hour if you keep up with it every week).



Credit: Our Little Apartment

It’s time. I know, I know. Letting go is hard. The hottest getting organized / decluttering book on the market is The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying-Up by Marie Kondo. In it, Marie Kondo describes her method of simplifying and organizing the home with the “KonMari” method. I have to tell you, I’m a Konvert. Basically, she advocates purging your home of anything that does not “spark joy” in your heart. Honestly, this makes you feel unburdened. Lighter. Start with easy things like dry cleaning hangers, old product boxes, gross undies, old technology  (like VHS tapes), take out menus, etc. You’ll be surprised by how much lighter you feel.

Give Everything A Place

Credit: Apartment Therapy

Once you’ve starting the process of de-junking your home, assign everything a home. Organize items of the same category in the same area. I’m not a fan of the “frequency of use storage / flow” method. Trust me, the category method is less messy. I find this especially helpful with my pantry and with papers. Filing is your friend! Put those receipts, bills, etc. in their spots right away!

Clean As You Go

Credit: Second Firsts

Don’t procrastinate with messes, spills and making the bed. Get to it right away and you can forget about it. Wipe down the sink basin after you use it, give the toilet bowl a brush, and empty the dishwasher!

Credit: Molempire